As an experienced RVer, I learned that an adjustable regulator creates superior water pressure, which is especially noticeable during showers, which is why I elected to go with this regulator. This regulator was well-made, and easy to install.

One note- this regulator should be directly connected to the campsite’s city water connector. I follow this with a water filter and then my supply hose. Having the regulator connected first protects your filter and hose. I also only Adjust pressure with the water turned off, and make sure to replace my regulators every year or two, for safety.

Richard D.

I bought this regulator to replace a non-adjustable regulator, which reduced my water flow too much. With this adjustable regulator, I’m able to get much better water flow.


We travel in an RV for 6 months of the year, and use this regulator to protect from excessive water pressure. So far we used the regulator twice and it worked like a charm.