Regulator is preset at 45 psi

  • Connect the female fitting on the adjustable water regulator directly to your water source’s hose bib.
  • Connect the female fitting on the water hose to the male fitting on the adjustable water regulator.
  • Turn on the water supply in order to flush the water regulator and hose for one minute. Turn off the water supply.
  • Connect the hose to your RV’s water inlet, then turn on the water supply.
  • Turn on all RV fixtures to allow any air to be flushed out of the RV plumbing – this includes turning on showers, faucets, and flushing toilets.
  • Adjust the regulator screw (found at the top of the cap on the regulator) until it is set to the desired pressure reading. Ensure that all RV fixtures have been turned off while making adjustments to the regulator screw until you reach the desired pressure reading.